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TPM Management - tpm_createek


tpm_createek - create an Endorsement Key Pair on the TPM


tpm_createek [OPTION]


tpm_createek creates and Endorsement Key Pair on the TPM (via the TPM_CreateEndorsementKeyPair API). This should rarely be required as the Endorsement Key is normally installed as part of manufacturing. However, you might need to run this command once if commands such as tpm_getpubek are returning error code 35 from the TPM layer.

-h, --help
Display command usage info.
-v, --version
Display command version info.
-l, --log [none|error|info|debug]
Set logging level.

See Also

tpm_version(1) , tpm_getpubek(8) , tcsd(8)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

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