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TPM Management - tpm_getpubek


tpm_getpubek - display the public portion of the TPM's Endorsement Key


tpm_getpubek [OPTION]


tpm_getpubek requests the TPM's public portion of the Endorsement Key (via the TPM_ReadPubek API). This operation can be restricted to require owner authorization, in that case the command will prompt for the owner password and request the data (via the TPM_OwnerReadPubek API). The key information is output on a sucessful call.

-h, --help
Display command usage info.
-v, --version
Display command version info.
-l, --log [none|error|info|debug]
Set logging level.

See Also

tpm_version(1) , tpm_takeownership(8) , tpm_restrictpubek(8) , tpm_createek(8) , tcsd(8)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

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